Charmaine is a cross-border tax lawyer at SKL Tax where she assists with a variety of cross-border tax matters including:

  • Helping US citizens renounce their US citizenship;
  • Tax and estate planning for US citizens in Canada;
  • Helping Canadian businesses expand to the US and streamline their US operations;
  • Helping Canadian indigenous investment funds avoid US taxes on their US investments.
Charmaine has also helped author a number of publications including the lengthy paper on how US tax changes affect Canadians corporations and individuals that was presented at the 2017 BC tax conference. Prior to joining SKL Tax, she worked in the University of Washington Tax Clinic and as a research assistant for two tax professorsShe holds a BA from UBC, a law degree from the University of Washington, and a Masters of Law in US taxation from the University of Washington where she finished with the top grade in a number of tax classes and finished in the top 5% of her graduating class.
You can reach Charmaine at