Principal, US & Canadian Tax

Nancy specializes in US and Canadian income tax returns for individuals and trusts.

She arrived at SKL in 2003, working in a part-time capacity to assist during the busy tax season, while she provided accounting and bookkeeping services to clients outside of the firm. But it didn't take Nancy long to become truly passionate about the practice of cross-border tax compliance and realize that SKL was where she belonged full-time.

Since her first days at SKL, Nancy has been tutored by Steve and many generous mentors. In the ever-changing world of cross-border tax, learning and knowledge-sharing among the SKL team is both extremely important and one of the aspects of practice that Nancy appreciates the most. In recent years, she has been able to continue the legacy by contributing to training of new team members, which she enjoys tremendously.

Nancy very much values her working relationships with her clients and appreciates the trust they place in SKL. She recognizes that taxes are not everyone's passion, and she is happy to provide a service that relieves worry and stress and allows her clients to focus on their own pursuits.

Nancy grew up in a beautiful seaside town on Vancouver Island but, being a city girl at heart, moved to Vancouver at the first opportunity and has been here ever since. Outside of work, Nancy has been studying Qigong and Taiji at her local community centre for several years. She has recently reacquainted herself with knitting and has many projects lined up for future non-tax-season months. And not much makes her happier than discovering a fabulous new recipe and sharing a meal with friends and family.