SKL Tax has been helping people renounce U.S. citizenship for over 40 years.
We understand that it’s a deeply personal decision and the pros need to be weighed against the cons.
The pros are:
Form-Free Living
You are rid of the complex annual U.S. tax filings

Tax Savings
There is no upside to being taxed by two countries

No Border Issues
With proper advice you will still be able to get into the US easily after renouncing

No Taxation
With proper guidance, most people will not have to pay taxes when they renounce

Legal Changes
The tax situation for those outside the US may get worse – renouncing now insulates you from this
The cons are:
Moving to the U.S. becomes more difficult

You will no longer be able to vote in U.S. elections
You cannot keep your U.S. passport

You will no longer have access to U.S. consular services
The U.S. government charges a fee of $2350

To Learn More
Contact Max Reed, LLB
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We charge a fixed rate to take care of all aspects of renouncing U.S. citizenship.