Senior Manager, US & Canadian Tax

Maria is a seasoned tax professional with many years of diverse experience in Canadian and US tax compliance, consulting, and accounting.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree at UBC, Maria worked as an estate and trust administrator for National Trust, a company that provided a high level of client service and management. She then worked as an accountant with Nemeth Thody Anderson for seven years, gaining extensive experience in Canadian tax and accounting. Maria became interested in cross-border tax issues and joined Ernst & Young’s Global Employment Solutions team in 2000. At Ernst & Young, she provided tax consulting and compliance for individuals immigrating to or emigrating from Canada, and for non-residents of Canada working in the US and vice versa. She thrived in this work and was promoted to Manager. In 2003, Maria left Ernst & Young to spend time with her young family. After working part-time for Raymond James Financial, where her experience in tax and accounting was greatly valued, she joined SKL as a tax accountant in 2005.

SKL offers Maria the opportunity to work in an environment that is challenging and dynamic but is also much more approachable for clients than a big downtown firm. She believes clients and staff appreciate working with such an accessible firm. Maria especially enjoys solving problems for her clients, with mentorship from Steve and collaborative input from the SKL team.

In her spare time, Maria values spending time with her family, watching her children perform music and dance, travelling, DIY projects, and cooking.